Tony Holyoak – Central Suffolk & Ipswich North

Tony Holyoak - Central Suffolk and Ipswich North - Suffolk

About me: 61 years old…passionate Englishman…animal lover who despairs of cruelty to animals…born in London’s East End ( Hoxton) but lived in beloved Suffolk since ’87 and bought my two children up here…ex-London fireman now retired…always considered myself English not ‘British’ but was prepared to accept, grudgingly, the unfair treatment of my fellow English at the hands of the ‘British’ establishment until the blatant unfairness of assymetric devolution at the hands of the ‘Scottish Raj’ (Blair, Brown, Cook) was foisted upon us and the gross inequity of the Barnett Formula that was specifically designed to quell Scots nationalism but was also bound to fail…this travesty seems to go unrecognised by ALL parties save us and indeed we have been proved correct in our every assertion of where this would lead the UK, namely an inevitable breakup of the ‘Union’…still at a loss as to understand why celebrating our English heritage, history and culture seems to uniquely arouse such opposition from the left…l totally oppose globalism and rise of super corporations that seem hell bent on denying us democracy

…l believe in the greater use of referenda to truly reflect the will of the people

…l don’t believe that GDP, a totally vacuous way of measuring the wealth or fiscal health of a nation, should ever be the prime reason for making decisions on our country’s future

…l believe that, prior to successive administrations’ foreign policy failures, that food security, energy security and overpopulation were our biggest concerns, but thanks to those failures we can now add Islamic terrorism to that list

…l wonder when the use of common sense went out of the minds of establishment politicians to be replaced by chest puffing, hubristic strutting on the world stage?..l wonder when they stopped putting the people of their own nation first?

…l wonder what agenda they follow when they continually make decisions against our interests?

…l am passionate in my opposition to the EU, a corporate, globalist organisation seeking the end of nationhood

…l believe in freedom of thought and speech and that those freedoms should be enshrined in law

…l believe in small government and the rights of individuals to live their lives free of unnecessary government interference

…l believe we should care for the old, infirm, sick, and give our young the best opportunities we can but come down hard on those that seek to take advantage of those ideals…l believe that what’s good for the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish is just as good for us so an English parliament, for the English with the sole purpose of ‘Putting England First’, is the first step towards justice for the greatest nation on earth.

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