Eddy Butler – Harlow


Eddy Butler - Halow, Essex, England


Eddy Butler

Why I am standing for the English Democrats in Harlow in the 2015 General Election

1/ Why Harlow? – I have stood for election in this constituency before, so I know the issues there and it is the next door one to where I live. I often go to Harlow for shopping and leisure and occasionally for work reasons. Harlow is an interesting town. Although I am not originally from Essex, I identify with Essex. It is the only way… and the best county in England!
2/ Why the English Democrats? – Currently we live in a so called “United Kingdom” but devolution in 1998 by the British Labour party fundamentally changed the United Kingdom and changed England to become the 4th most important Nation within the United Kingdom, my objective and that of the English Democrats is to put England FIRST, not 4th. Those living in England, suffer from all sorts of inequalities compared to those living in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – collectively these people receive a staggering additional £49 billion per year in public expenditure compared to those living in England. This is via the bribe called the Barnett Formula that was put in place in the 1970’s to try to dampen down Scottish and Welsh Nationalism in particular,
The Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats are all so embarrassed about this figure that they have ALL agreed NOT to talk about it. It is quite frankly disgusting that people who claim to represent English constituencies do not debate this. Instead they allow the English Tax payer to continue to subsidise Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, even though there are now many areas in England that are poorer then these three nations. This has been going on now for over 30 years. Simple maths tells you how much the English Tax payer has given away to Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the past 30 years!
3/ Out of the EU – English Democrats want to take England out of the European Union and re-join EFTA, the European Free Trade Association, this will save a further £9 billion per year, on top of the £49 billion saved by abandoning he ‘Barnett Formula’. We need an English Parliament to speak up for England and bring back fair play and equality.
4/ Only humanitarian Foreign Aid – When the main political parties tell the English that we need to ‘tighten our belts’, it is totally absurd that they continue to give away £12 billion a year to other countries, while the British Government is still paying out more than it is receiving in tax and hence further increasing the National Debt, which is going to be a painful for our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren to repay. Humanitarian Aid would come to less than £2 billion
Do the maths. We have just saved £68 billion a year!
5/ English Culture & Identity – I am proud of my English Nationality, and I want to live in an England where I am free to express my English Identity, without challenge or disapproval. It is totally absurd that I have to defend my right to express my English identity, when I was born English, live in England and speak English. Over 60% of people feel the way I do according to the 2011 Census in England.
6/ Radical Islam – We have to end this menace in England. As is being done throughout Northern Europe, in England we should only have English Law in England and the state should promote only English Customs and Traditions.
I would be delighted to become the first elected ‘English MP’ to represent the English and England. In the same way that Nicola Sturgeon Leader of the SNP has vowed that her MPs will put ‘Scotland First’ in the UK Parliament, I wish to put ‘England First’. We urgently need English representatives on the UK Parliament to finally stand up for ENGLAND and THE ENGLISH.

Eddy Butler
Harlow Parliamentary Candidate
English Democrats – “Putting England First !”

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