Charles Vickers – Stevenage

Charles Vickers - Stevenage - Hertfordshire



Charles Vickers

Your English Democrat Candidate for Stevenage

I have worked and lived for 42 years in Hertfordshire, ten of them in Stevenage.

I have been married for over 40 years and we have three grown up sons all of whom went to Hertfordshire comprehensives. For the past 30 years we have lived in Letchworth.

I am not a professional politician. I got upset with the state of England and determined to try to do something about it. Some of those things are given below. If you want to learn more go to my personal web site

1. Stevenage would get an additional £13.6 million a year to fund its services if we received funding equivalent to that the Scots receive. If Stevenage were in Scotland it would get £136 million extra a year!

2. Last year David Cameron stole £600 million of EU refunds that were destined for the Yorkshire/Humberside region of England to give to the Scots as a bribe to stay in the Union.

Despite the fact that Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg have seats in Yorkshire NEITHER of them led any opposition to this heist. The fact is that no MP for an English constituency actually represents and fights for the best interest of their constituents. Only English Democrats will do that.

3. The next parliament will be stuffed full of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs, all willing to sell their votes to the party that will give them even more money – Your Money, Your Public Services!

Only and English Parliament will protect our public services. We will fight for a Parliament for England; a referendum on leaving the EU; we will give English electors a vote on whether or not we would prefer to be independent of the Union of the United Kingdom and rule ourselves (a CMI survey in 2014 reported that 40% of England wanted this); we will ask the people of England whether they wish to abolish or reform the House of Lords.

4. We will end foreign aid, reserving some of it for humanitarian aid and use the rest, possibly £9 billion, to increase funding for the NHS and provide an additional subsidy towards personal care for the elderly.

5. If people vote to leave the EU we will introduce a set of fair rules for immigration that meets the needs of England. Numerous studies have shown that multiculturalism creates more problems that it solves. We would abolish it and Political Correctness.

6. Economic growth is essential if we wish to fund and improve public services. The English Democrats have a number of policies to this end including the devolution of as much government expenditure as possible to shires and th enlarger cities

Voting for me would give more money to Stevenage and considerably more to Hertfordshire through the devolution of expenditure programme.. Stevenage and England would get a passionate voice not just in parliament but on the media speaking only for us.

No party is going to get a majority in 2015. That means you have the luxury of putting a voice fighting for England and for English public services into Parliament.

Please use it! Vote English Democrat on 7th May 2015.

Charles Vickers
Stevenage Parliamentary Candidate
English Democrats – “Putting England First !”

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