2015 Political Biography

I joined the English Democrats in 2007, but previous to that I stood in 2 local elections as an independent candidate. The issue that got me interested in standing in local elections was the matter of unbridled development. At the time I had become increasingly concerned that Northamptonshire, and specifically Kettering, was being over-developed. 5500 new houses were planned for the East of Kettering (representing a 20% increase in the size of Kettering) on a green-field site of beautiful open farmland and native woodland. I felt that I needed to speak out against the loss of our countryside, which is so important to all of us. Whether it is farmland, pasture, woodland or wild, open scrub and rock, the English Countryside is a vital part of our heritage, it helps to give us that sense of being English. It is a vital part of national psyche! Yet the countryside is also vital to our health and well-being. We all live such hectic lives that the ability to simply enjoy our wonderful countryside is of such benefit to our long-term health and happiness. I still believe passionately in the maintenance of our countryside and against over-development.

However I realised that the reason for the over-development is that successive governments had failed to deal with the unsustainable increase in the population of England. England is now the most densely-populated country in Europe and 6th in the world. This has largely been as a consequence of mass immigration, and so I decided I needed to join a political party that was committed to fighting mass immigration and standing-up for ENGLAND.

In my time as an English Democrat I have been East Midlands Area Chairman and I am currently the National Secretary of the party.

Within 6 months of joining our party I organised the first meeting of Northamptonshire English Democrats, at which I was elected Chairman. A position I still hold today. Our Northamptonshire branch has had many ups and downs over the last 6 years, not least because as volunteers it is not an easy task to create a political party from scratch. I think that along the way a number of people that have joined and attended our meetings but realise what an enormous task we face in trying to create a new political party when politicians are so reviled.

I stood as the lead candidate for the English Democrats in the West Midlands in the 2014 European Elections.

During the 1970′s and 80′s I was a member of the Labour Party (at a time when that party actually believed in something – even England and its people!). I helped then to establish new branches, but that was much easier, as people knew what the Labour Party was and what it stood for. The English Democrats, being a new party, do not have that advantage, we are still trying to establish ‘our brand’. However I believe that our Independence for England policy will help cement in people’s minds what we stand for.

I love ENGLAND and I want our country to be free and independent. Only those people who live in and love England should control its destiny.

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